A Life Remembered

As April begins, memories of my beloved grandmother flood my mind. She has always held a special place in my heart. Perhaps being named after her helped create our instant bond. She helped raise me for the first few years of my life and showered me with so much love to last me a lifetime of sweet memories.

1983, Mexico- Grandma (Mama Emilia) pictured on the far right.

Along with cherished recollections of playing, singing, and visits to grocery stores, I also remember numerous times in the kitchen with my grandma. She was an amazing cook who introduced me to countless exquisite meals.

A favorite meal of hers (and mine!) was arroz con pollo y mole.  (Chicken and rice with mole.)

This authentic dish comes with a load of flavor and an intriguing legend. As the story goes, the unique dish originated in a convent in Puebla, Mexico. Upon learning that the archbishop would be visiting, the nuns became worried they would have nothing to feed him. With faith by their side the nuns did the best with the ingredients they had.

So… the nuns tossed all the spices and chilli peppers they had available and created the following:

Mole poblano which was made up of spices such as poblano peppers, ancho peppers, pasilla peppers, and chipotle peppers along with 15 to 20 other ingredients that were grinded down to create a powder.

On its own, the powder has a  bit of a kick. There is no need to be turned off by its collection of peppers however. This concoction of dried ingredients is combined with chicken broth, peanut butter, and CHOCOLATE to bring a perfectly enjoyable balance of mild spice and nutty sweetness.

Today the traditional mole dish consists of chicken served on a plate of red rice with mole sauce ladled over it. It is the perfect dish for any celebration!

So here is to celebrating my dear Mama Emilia. Your love and attention meant the world to me. You are forever celebrated and cherished in my heart.

On the Menu

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