Crème Caramel: Unifying People Globaly

Could there be any other delectable dessert that is found in such a gamut of regions world wide?

Yes. It is true. Crème caramel is not a treat that everyone enjoys. If you are anything like my sweet pea of a husband in fact, the idea of nibbling on anything custard makes you shriek. Sadly this delightful gem is just not for him. Exceptions aside, there is something to be said however for a dessert that is largely enjoyed throughout many regions of the world. I find it comforting to know I could visit many countries worldwide and have the opportunity to seek a familiar food that will most likely have only a small variation.

flan/ caramel custard

Regions where crème caramel is fully embraced:

  1. Argentina/Mexico- Known as flan. Variation: Usually served with dulce de leche.
  2. Venezuela/Brazil/Chile- Known as flan. Variation: Made with condensed milk.
  3. Cuba- Known as flan de Cuba. Variation: An additional two egg whites and cinnamon stick are added.
  4. Philippines- Known as leche flan. Variation: Made with condensed milk, and an extra egg yolk. It is typically steamed rather than baked.
  5. Vietnam- Known as báhn caramel or báhn flan. Variation: None.
  6. Japan- Known as purin. Variation: None.
  7. Italy- Known as crema caramella. Variation: None.
  8. Spain- Known as flan. Variation: Orange or lemon zest is added.
  9. United States- Known as caramel custard. Variation: May be served with fresh berries.
  10. France- Known as crème caramel.

So there you have it. Is it not wonderful to know that one sweet treat can unify us all?

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