A Hiking We Will Go

This past weekend a friend of ours invited us to join him on an early morning hike to Stebbins Cold Canyon, located west of Winters, CA. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the immense natural beauty we got to experience while going on this strenuous 1500 feet 5 mile loop hike.

In full disclosure I must admit I lacked a bit of enthusiasm at the beginning of our hike. As we began to reach our destination, all I could see from the inside of our car were small hills covered with nothing but grass– no wild flowers, no trees, streams, or animals to spot. I truly thought it would be a dud.

As we creeped through a metal gate to begin our hike however, the scenery instantly changed. It was very woods-like with a peaceful stream waiting to instantly greet us.

Stebbins Cold Canyon

As we continued the trail, we spotted some lizards, a waterfall, and a wall paper of vivid green vegetation all around. The trees provided very comfortable hiking conditions for us which I was very grateful for– especially when we had to climb what seemed to be an endless number of 1+ foot high steps.

steebin canyon steps

As we continued up the trail, the scenery changed from a woodland coolness to a warmer chaparral climate. Here we encountered butterflies, rain beetles, snakes (although only by sound, not sight), and lizards among many other species.

This darling of a fella even let us take a close shot…

stebbin lizard

The true awe-inspiring scenery came when we reached the top of the canyon and found ourselves nestled in nothing but nature for miles and miles around. Looking down we could see the trail we had just embarked on. Looking to the side we were presented with a gorgeous view of Lake Barryessa… a stunning reward for the labor we put into getting there. =)

overlooking Lake Barryessa

All in all, a highly enjoyable time spent with great company surrounded by a luscious natural scenery. I look forward in anticipation to our next hike…

Happy Earth Day everyone!  : )

And happy trailing too!

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