A Tisket A Tasket

Here is a unique basket idea with two purposes:

  1. Holds delightful festive treats.
  2. May be reused to plant darling flowers or useful herbs.

Easter Planter's Basket

Here are the very easy steps to follow:

  1. Cut three 1″ x 12″ strips of paper for each basket/pot.  For best results use card stock or scrapbook paper.
  2. Use a glue stick to glue two strips back to back so that design is facing outward. (This will be used as the handle.)
  3. Wrap third strip around the top rim of teracotta pot and secure onto pot with tape.
  4. Create a handle with the strips glued together in step 2 by inserting handle into strip wrapped around top rim.  Secure with tape.
  5. Run scrap paper into a paper shredder, then fold back and forth to make “grass”.
  6. Fill pot with grass.
  7. Add a package of seeds and your favorite Easter treats.

easter basket tools

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