May We Celebrate

I love any excuse to celebrate. Earth Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, Chinese New Year, Summer Solstice, et cetera, et cetera… You name it and I do at least one small thing to acknowledge the day.

Whomever began the big hoopla over Cinco de Mayo here in the states must have also shared in my enthusiasm to celebrate. Despite my love for celebrations however, as someone native to the country, I will share that Cinco de Mayo is not observed even in the most minute way in Mexico.

Wah, wah, waaaaaaaahhh…

I know, I know. Why the bashing? Did I not just mention how I love any excuse to celebrate? Well I do! But what I love most about celebrating is learning about the day’s origin and history that comes with it. After all, a holiday celebrated without appreciation for its true significance is not much of a special day.

Cinco de Mayo

"Battle of Puebla"- Alejadro Romero, 1987

Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistakenly observed as Mexico’s independence day. In actuality, the date marks the Battle of Puebla– a fierce battle fought in a town named Puebla against the French army. It is an important battle in Mexico’s history because they were outnumbered by France 2 to 1, but Mexican troops were still able to triumph. The unexpected victory gave the country a bit of a moral boost right when they needed it.

So with the reason behind the date now established, I look forward to celebrating on May 5th. Not because a battle was won (I tend to lean more on the side of peace not war.), but because it lifted the spirits of a nation. This Cinco de Mayo, I will celebrate and welcome unexpected victories for myself, my family, and friends.


May unthinkable triumphs come your way too!

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