Em & M: The Begining

I never had an interest in baking. For yeeeeears in fact I considered myself incapable of even properly baking a Betty Crocker cake mix. About a year ago however, my baking interest peaked and I was determined to loose my fear of baking. With my novice baker’s hat on, I marched into the kitchen with only one goal in mind: BAKE A DELICIOUS FRESH FRUIT TART. The final outcome: An instant first love connection. My gateway into a world of baking…

Several triumphant creations later begins a little Em (Emilia) & M (Martha) segment. A collection of attempted tarts and pies featured in Martha Stewart’s Pies and Tarts Cookbook.

Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts

Featured Item #1: Key Lime Pie

  • Difficulty-  Surprisingly, very easy.
  • Prep Time-  Takes a bit of time due to the juicing of the limes (roughly 25 min).
  • Bake Time-  30 minutes
  • Expense-  $7 (Wohoo!)
  • Tastiness-  Fans of tangy flavors with a hint of sweetness will LOVE!
  • Overall Rating- 5/5

modern key lime pieNote: Martha’s original recipe does not call for the addition of green food coloring. In fact, as I learned after committing this petit faux pas, altering a key lime pie’s natural yellow tint is frowned upon by culinary experts. Oh well… I am still learning. I do rather like the liveliness that the green tint brings to the pie though. =)

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