The Punch Is In The Pillow

At work today, I introduced a new reading theme to my students– A Question of Value. As an opener for this theme, I had my kids create a collage of people or things they value. Naturally, they got me to think about my own personal values.

life values

This student blew me away with the maturity he displayed through this project.

My husband and family are always my most cherished, but today I thought about our home too. Specifically to this post, the value of coming to a home that is comforting and uniquely ours.

So what exactly makes our home comforting? Aside from the calmness I feel when my sweet pea holds me, we love the comfort of taking a load off on our couch. Whether we gather to watch a movie, a favorite not-to-miss show, or even an afternoon nap, our couch at times is the perfect setting for comfort to begin.

Lately our couch has been looking a bit drab though. In an attempt to spruce it up, and continue to make it a desirable place to rejuvenate, I thought about adding a punch of cheerful color through some pillows. The following step by step break down walks you through your very own DIY pillows.

Step 1: Create your own pattern with a lightweight paper, such as tissue paper, or use a store bought pattern.  (I happened to have a store bought at home already.) If you are making your own pattern, you will need to measure and cut out a desired size for a square pillow. For your top flap, you can begin by creating a standard triangle shape.

Step 2: Double your fabric by folding one end of your desired fabric inward. Use pins to secure pattern onto fabric.  Pin your square pillow pattern on the folded fabric side. (Note: My picture below shows both ends folded because I was making two pillows and wanted to save time and fabric by cutting two flaps with this fabric .)

pillow pattern

Step 3:

Cut your pieces out and remove pins. You will have two cut outs– one long rectangular shape, and one triangular shape for the flap. (If you doubled your fabric on the flap side, just cut down the middle in order to get your two flap cut outs.)

DIY pillow

Step 4:

Turn flap pattern side down and line up straight edge to one of the short edges of the square pillow cut out. Sew flap onto pillow cut out. Sew a 1/4” hem on the opposite short edge.

triangular flap

Step 4:

Fold pillow cut out in half with the pattern side facing the inside. Sew along both long sides of the pillow cut out. Next, fold in and sew a 1/4” hem around the flap.

hemming a pillow

Step 5:

Flip pillow case out so that pattern side is now out. Insert pillow puff or a pillowform into case.  Finally, manually sew a decorative button on the flap.

diy pillow

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