Summer Summer Summer Time

And the love fest continues. (Yes, yet another summertime post.)

About three weeks ago, when shockingly we were experiencing some unwanted wet weather, I was itching to make s’mores. Alas the dampness and gloominess would not allow. I decided to follow my wah wah wah winter-like mood, and my longing for s’mores, right into the kitchen for some sure to warm up the house baking time.

With my craving leading the way, I created some cupcake s’mores. The idea was to include our top three contenders (graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows) into the creation somehow, and with an added delicious bonus, I threw in some peanut butter too. They were a HUGE hit!

smore cupcakes

They were incredibly quick and easy to make. I used an instant chocolate cake mix for the batter. I blame it on the weather for making me sluggish… Thanks rain! ;)

For the full how-to recipe go here.

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