What Can $20 Buy In Today’s Economy?

Would you believe that $20.10 made me the proud owner of a new couch this weekend? Thanks to Joann’s fabulous extra 50% off red tag fabrics sale and a little relentlessness on my part, our old has seen better days Ikea couch went from this,

This photo does not truly convey the sufferings this couch has gone through. Needless to say spills occurred, nail polishes stained, and the cleaners that were used to remove all the stains did the job so well that they caused the fabric to fade and look blotchy.

to this.

The couch was originally purchased back in 2003 by my parents. Having close to nothing of furniture when we moved into our house, we gladly welcomed the piece into our home. Since then, I have relentlessly been hunting down a cover for it. The problem I kept on running into however was that the couch model was so old that they no longer sold it, let alone have covers for it. I toyed with the idea of purchasing a standard couch cover elsewhere, but was always turned off by the thought of paying $100+.  Then, for a while, I thought about sewing my own cover for the couch. After visiting Joann Fabrics every now and then though, I quickly realized I was going to have to pay close to $100 any way just on fabric. That was until this weekend of course.

As a lark, after viewing the Joann’s circular, I decided to check out their advertised red tag fabric sale. Fabrics up to 75% off original price were marked down an additional 50% off at the register. The task of finding 7 yards of fabric was not easy. At a whopping $3.50/yard for home decor fabrics though, I was determined to make it work somehow. Until finally there it was… Although at first it was not the ideal look I was going for, the neutral fabric called me for two reasons– one, I could easily transform the couch with pillows and throws according to my mood and two, there was exactly enough yards of fabric on the roll. The latter being the most important.

Having never attacked a mission like this before, I did not have a clear idea how it would all turn out at first. In fact, the original thought was to just create a cover. Once I got the fabric home and began to look at the couch with more detail however, I decided to reupholster the entire thing instead.

First thing I had to do was detach as many pieces off the couch as possible. Here is a little bit of what that looked like:

Then I had to measure the length and width of each piece’s sides. Those measurements were then used to cut out a replicate of each side out of the purchased fabric. The great thing about this couch is that for the most part all pieces had perfect 90 degree angles.

Once all the pieces were cut out, I then used the couch as my model and I placed the cut out fabric pieces pattern side down to create a tailored casing for each of the detached couch pieces.

Leaving the fabric inside out, I then sewed along the pins and markings. Once complete, I turned the fabric pieces back out and placed them on to each of their designated couch pieces.

From there all I had to do was staple the fabric onto the wooden parts of the couch to secure each piece, and attach the couch pieces back to their original placements.

The whole process was delightfully easy to do. The most difficult and unpleasant thing throughout this whole task was using the heavy duty staple gun. (The squeezing of the trigger caused my hand to be very sore the next day.)

All in all however I am very happy with the results! =)

Here are some more after shots. One is with a slight pillow variation, and the other is of the couch in its current sewing/craft room location.

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  1. Stephanie Roman says:

    This is a very incredible renovation of a sofa. Hard to believe it cost only 20 dollars.

  2. Tami Gieseke says:

    Wow! Looks great! :o )

  3. Jarred says:

    That looks amazing! Well done-totally reborn that couch!

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