Remember the Remnants

Quick post couch update…

Having about 1.5 yard x 2 yard of fabric remaining, I had to make use of this remnant.

Since the fabric is specifically for upholstering though, it was a bit of a challenge at first. Alas the sturdiness of the fabric led me to create a picnic blanket out of this and another remnant that was passed my way a while back.

The following steps were taken:

Step 1: Place one fabric piece pattern side up on a flat surface, then place the second fabric piece on top but with the pattern side down this time. (Coincidentally the remnant passed my way happened to have the exact shape and amount of fabric as the couch remnant. Wohoo!)

Step 2: Attach both pieces together by sewing all around the perimeter. Leave about an 8″ length not sewn. This opening will be used to reach in and pass all the fabric though in order to get the pattern sides out.

Step 3:  Cut a 34″ ribbon and fold in half with the pattern side showing. Insert bottom edge of the ribbon right at the start of your 8″ length left not sewn and carefully sew the ribbon on while closing the remainder 8″ seam.

Step 4:  Fold blanket into fourths. Then, just as you would a sleeping bag, roll the fabric up to meet with the ribbon. Pull ribbon through to secure and keep blanket closed.

Now if only this weather would cooperate we could take this new puppy out for a walk (so to speak).

P.S. Did you catch the movie reference in this post? Well, although I have not seen Remember the Titans, I was watching Chris Rock’s Good Hair documentary while doing this project, and definitely recommend it. You can read all the rave reviews for this movie here. This movie is by far one of the best I have seen all year. Such an entertaining and informative movie. I simply cannot say enough good things about it. One of many being the way Chris Rock pulls and takes in information throughout the movie– very revealing of his character. Bravo Mr. Rock!

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