The Roaring 20′s

Today marks twenty years of having a little sister. That’s right– the sweet little baby girl that came into my life back in 1991 enters the excitement of her twenties today. To mark this new decade in her life, at her hinting request, I will be helping her design and create a new bedroom.

Thanks to MyDeco I was able to create this mood board that hopefully encompasses the vision she has shared with me.

Stephanie's Yellow Damask Room

Aside from the glass bowl, although a very tall order, the goal is to DIY every item pictured above. Some items will be exact, and some will be inspired by these images. I expect the whole process will take a couple weeks to complete, but I look forward to the end result.

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  1. Stephanie Roman says:

    This is pretty awesome, thank you very much. I’m excited to see how the end product looks as well. I LOVE YOU.

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