Antsy With Anticipation

I cannot possibly be the only one whom this has happened to. Can I?

It begins, as with many things, with an idea. You get a thought in your head that you will accomplish something. Before actually attacking this self-given task, you play the task in your head as a way of measuring how things will go. After what you believe to have been careful consideration, you gleefully decide to go for it! Suddenly, typically when you are knee-deep in and there is no turning back, reality hits. “Ooooh my goooodneeess! What was I thinking?!?”

Such seems to be the case with the current bedroom upgrade. Specifically the allover wall stenciling that is taking longer than anticipated. The overall look is fabulous! It appears to be making the room look  a lot more spacious, and I absolutely love the design. That is just it however, the more incredible the pattern looks, the faster I wish it would all be done so we could see the whole effect. The road ahead is longer than expected, but there is only one way to go– onward!

Here is a little bit of what the room currently looks like:






And here is a close-up of the pattern:

damask wall stencilYes, this wall upgrade project requires several days of commitment. The effect is superb however. Should you opt to go for it, you can check out Royal Design Studio for a wide selection of patterns, and browse the video below. My hope is the video can be used as a tutorial for anyone looking to create an allover stencil design. (In the beginning of this video, I point to the scoring marks to show how to link one stenciled pattern to the next.)

The keys to starting this project are:

  1. Find the exact center of the wall you will stencil.
  2. Secure the stencil to the center of the wall using painter’s tape.
  3. Use a level to make sure the stencil is straight.
  4. Using a medium-sized sponge roller, apply a light layer of paint through a vertical up and down motion. Working from the middle of the stencil pattern out seems to give the best effect.
  5. These steps should be followed for each new stenciled pattern applied. Using the level is absolutely crucial for the first 15-20 stenciled patterns. About two full diagonal rows in, you could skip out on using the level.




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  1. Wendy Peppercorn says:

    Wow. I didn’t know you were working on the Sistine chapel upstairs. Looks great!

  2. Harriet says:

    Good post. Its realy good. Many information help me.

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