The History of Us

Christmas is an extra cheerful time of year.  When glowing lights are hung lovingly throughout the town, and cold blistery nights offer the perfect excuse to cuddle in just a little bit tighter.  Where family traditions are made, and when special time for friends and family is held.  Yes, it truly is the “most wonderful time of the year”.  A time to take in all the goodness there is in the world, and reflect back on the many ways we have been blessed all year.

Years back, before I could have ever imagined I would be so lucky to marry my husband, I gifted my then boyfriend of six months a Christmas ornament that reflected a special moment we shared that year.  The year was 1999 and the event was his high school senior ball.

Just two young kids. Going to a dance as friends.

A year went by and the two of us became like two peas in a pod– happy to simply be next to each other.  I figured I would keep up the ornament gift-giving tradition and captured this memory in the ornament below.


And so as years went by, without ever knowing where time would take the two of us, like a historian, I began to collect pieces of our past each year that passed by and recorded a memorable event of that year through an ornament.

And then, in 2007, after eight easy years of courtship, we took a big leap together and decided to marry!  And although the timing was more arranged by the fact that the upcoming Winter break would be the only time I would have any time off, in retrospect, marrying just days before Christmas in the very same hall we attended senior ball together back in 1999, coincides perfectly with us.  Christmas Eve eve was  truly a very lovely time to marry, and continues to be a darling sweet time to celebrate another year of marriage to my bestest friend and love.

Being that our wedding day was so close to Christmas, and ornaments had helped document history leading up to our big day, we had handmade ornaments for our guests to take as a wedding favor that day.

2007- Wedding Favors

Now that we are wed, each Christmas we get to enjoy in a little bit of extra magic all season long as we get to light up our tree filled with memories of our time together.  And the great thing about this dear tradition we started is that now we get to add a new ornament to the collection each passing year to come.  If a big event happened that year, such as when I received my first teaching job, or we bought our first car, or turned the big 30, we record that through an ornament.  More special than that however, and true to our new history in the making we are creating, every wedding anniversary we celebrate, I create an ornament made from whatever anniversary gift material that corresponds with each year.

2008- Paper Anniversary: Bird made out of construction paper.

2009- Cotton Anniversary: Cotton fabric sewn into a heart, stuffed with cotton balls.

2010- Leather Anniversary: Tree made out of leather material.

With December 23 still days away, I am in the process of working on our 2011 four-year anniversary ornament.  I would love to share a picture of this silky craft, but it will have to wait until my sweetheart actually receives it.

Happy Christmas everyone! And happy history/tradition making to all! =)

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