Jingle-Jangle Let’s Ginger Spangle

Oh, the magic of gingerbread house making… endless possibilities, treats galore, and above all… sweet memories to last a life time!

Fair Warning: Be prepared to devote several hours, perhaps even a couple of days to complete this festive activity.  (IMPORTANT: All the hours spent creating these houses are what make this such a joyful activity to do with family or friends.)

Part I:  The Bread Making

As part of a very sweet wedding gift, my husband’s aunt created a family recipe book for us.  Included in this very thoughtful gift is a recipe for molasses cookies which my husband’s family uses to make tasty gingerbread houses.  This recipe is what we used to make our gingerbread house.

Part II:  The Planning

This year we used the pattern cut-outs my husband’s aunt included in the family recipe book mentioned above.  Again, one of the great things about making gingerbread houses however is that it welcomes creativity.  Here and here are some great websites that offer free printable patterns that are sure to get you going.

Part III:  The Assembeling

This year we assembled our house with the help of melted sugar.  Melted sugar will give a very strong hold but it can be tricky to use because you have to use it quickly before it cools.  Also, the melted sugar can give a pretty bad burn if your skin comes to contact with it.

(This part required such über quick and synchronized teamwork that sadly no pictures could be taken to document the high intensity event that took place.)

Part IV:  The Gathering of the Loot

This is the time to gather all sweet toothers dear to you and go all out.  Go ahead!  Revert back to your childhood memories and BE that wide-eyed kid in the candy store. =)

Part V:  The Decorating

This recipe allowed us to create four gingerbread houses so we invited a few friends to join us in decorating.

And here is our 2011 gingerbread home!

The sweet creations made by friends:

I loved the gummy bears that encircled this entire house. Oh so cute!


This house was the perfect embodiment of a winter wonderland!

We enjoyed doing these so much that we are thinking of having an encore next month… Valentine’s GingerLove House anyone??? If there are any takers out there, I’d love for you to share pictures of your GingerLove House here with me next month.  =)

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