Transporting Terrariums

Many moons ago serendipity drove us to a notorious desert terrain that has left us enamored with desert-living ever since. Something about the calmness of the desert truly speaks to me. The juxtaposition between the classic dry heat and the cooler breezy nights is something I welcome gladly any time of year. The blazing 98+ degrees forces you to slow down in your movements and creates opportunities for you to simply marvel at the details found in nature– the sounds, the smells, the entertaining beauty found in all living organisms (tiny and large).




And  then there are these:


Beautiful, eye-popping, only to be seen and never held, cacti. It only took one foot planted into our first visit to a cactus garden for me to fall in love with this lovely succulent family.

Ever since then I have been longing to capture the beauty and peacefulness we found in the desert into our own home. It started with one planting; but just as the infamous cat lady finds it difficult to not welcome another in, I cannot turn away from a cactus.


Sweet husband knows this gal prefers cacti over roses any day!

To better control them however, I began to house them in random glassware I already had lying around the house.



And then came the BIG one! The one that transports me back to my loving desert life every time I see it.


The steps to creating a cactus terrarium are simple.

You will need these supplies:


1. glassware 2. cactus soil 3. gravel 4. horticultural charcoal 5. cacti 6. optional sand and decorative rocks

Step 1:  Place a good tall layer of gravel inside your glassware.  (1-2 inches)

Step 2:  Place a layer of horticultural charcoal on top of the gravel.  (1/4 inch)

Step 3:  Place a layer of cactus soil on top of the horticultural charcoal.  (3-4 inches)

Step 4:  Plant your cacti in whichever fashion that is most appealing to you.

Step 5:  Place near an area of sunlight and get ready to be transported to desert-living.  :)

A true desert oasis in deed!


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