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In a world where I could fluidly move from one loving profession to the next whenever I fancied, I would delight to find my niche as a cultural anthropologist. (…Only to quickly return to my beloved classroom shortly thereafter I am sure.)

I am intrigued by cultures. I am fascinated by the world’s customs, traditions, history and of course food!

Last summer we had the greatest pleasure having one of our friend’s mom surprisingly join us in our first ever attempt to creating our own Japanese meal. I guess after multiple calls asking how to properly make (shari) sushi rice, it became apparent to her that her physical presence was much needed. I am truly thankful she joined us. It is a great memory I have and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to receive even a pinch of knowledge on her expertise in authentic Japanese cuisine, namely sushi.

Sushi making is no joke! It is not a meal you could free-spiritedly accomplish. It requires a refined technique and unique tools. (In our case, even a desktop motorized fan was needed.)




IMG_5312 IMG_5315IMG_5314

Thirty or fifty years from now I wonder if these these authentic food preparation customs will still exist. Or will our increasingly growing “quick meal” rituals be the new norm? I wish I could say my Mexican meals come close to my mother’s, or hers to my grandmother’s, but with each generation something is lost. As a culture enthusiast, my hope is that foundational heritage is never lost…

I would love to know some of your own authentic culture-based recipes and challenge you  to get together with your family and/or friends and help preserve genuine meals!  :)

On the Menu:

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