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Welcome to the Sushi House

In a world where I could fluidly move from one loving profession to the next whenever I fancied, I would delight to find my niche as a cultural anthropologist. (…Only to quickly return to my beloved classroom shortly thereafter I … Continue reading

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Transporting Terrariums

Many moons ago serendipity drove us to a notorious desert terrain that has left us enamored with desert-living ever since. Something about the calmness of the desert truly speaks to me. The juxtaposition between the classic dry heat and the … Continue reading

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Jingle-Jangle Let’s Ginger Spangle

Oh, the magic of gingerbread house making… endless possibilities, treats galore, and above all… sweet memories to last a life time! Fair Warning: Be prepared to devote several hours, perhaps even a couple of days to complete this festive activity.  … Continue reading

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Advent: The Coming of Something Important

One of the many joyful things about Christmas is the length in which the season lasts.  Unlike other holidays, with Christmas, we get to bask in the enchantment of the holiday to come for a whooping four weeks!  Full disclosure … Continue reading

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The History of Us

Christmas is an extra cheerful time of year.  When glowing lights are hung lovingly throughout the town, and cold blistery nights offer the perfect excuse to cuddle in just a little bit tighter.  Where family traditions are made, and when … Continue reading

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“Slick Deals”

It is possible I might have a small problem… I find it very difficult to pass a good deal when I see it. I am not talking about the BOGO type of deals– although those too can produce a skip … Continue reading

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I’m Just Mad About Saffron

Ready. Set. Name that tune! I’m just mad about Saffron. Saffron’s mad about me. I’m just mad about Saffron. She’s just mad about me.   Ah saffron, your contribution to Valencian paella is undeniably striking. Not only do you exude … Continue reading

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Antsy With Anticipation

I cannot possibly be the only one whom this has happened to. Can I? It begins, as with many things, with an idea. You get a thought in your head that you will accomplish something. Before actually attacking this self-given … Continue reading

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The Roaring 20′s

Today marks twenty years of having a little sister. That’s right– the sweet little baby girl that came into my life back in 1991 enters the excitement of her twenties today. To mark this new decade in her life, at … Continue reading

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From Candle to Cake

Sometimes, part of the appeal in eating begins with the presentation. Take a cake stand for example. The way the stand elevates treats closer to eye level almost as if to tempt your craving to the max. And how the … Continue reading

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