Afternoon Tea

A delicious way to indulge and spend time with friends.

But first, a little history…

Afternoon tea is a sweet tradition made a fad thanks to the 7th Duchess  of Bedford during the early 19th century.  It is said that upon feeling hungry, the Duchess requested to have tea and biscuits served one late afternoon.  (At that time, it was customary to only have two meals per day: breakfast and dinner.)  She took so much pleasure in the comfort of sipping tea and nibbling on delicate treats that she began to send invitations requesting friends to join her for tea.  Soon an entire nation of socialites opened their homes up to friends with two main goals in mind: 1. Savor delicious teas and treats. 2. Take pleasure in catching up with friends. (Want to learn more about afternoon tea and its history?  Visit  afternoontoremember.)

So with hope of bringing back this darling tradition of good food and good company, why not set a date and invite friends over for a treat?!  You can even throw in a whole new modern twist to your gatherings like the folks over at Crown & Crumpet.

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